Safeguarding Indian data security

A software designed by experts will have the ability to withstand any cyber attack

Kanpur, U.P. Technology being developed by IIT Kanpur to secure India’s sensitive data better than Fort Knox!

IIT Kanpur is proud to announce that it will be working with the Office of the National Cyber Security Coordinator to make the country’s data tamper-proof. Using advanced Block Chain technology, the government’s data will be made secure from the most expert of hackers the world over.

Renowned experts in cryptography and cybersecurity, Prof.Manindra Agrawal and Prof. Sandeep Shukla will be bringing their expertise to project, in collaboration with Prof. Shweta Agrawal from IIT Madras. They will be working alongside researchers and students at IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras. A company will be incubated at IIT Kanpur to transfer the technology into the product that can be used by government agencies out-of-the-box, with solution engineering by the company.

As part of the project, IIT Kanpur will be developing an indigenous Block Chain platform and software that can be used by the Central and State government departments for transparent E-governance. The project has been funded for 5 years at 33.4 Crores INR, and Dr. GulshanRai, the National Cyber Security Coordinator has been the champion of the project from conceptualizing to funding.

This solution could be used in easy, transparent and tamper-proof land-record and registry management, driving license and record management, identity management, as well as insider threat management in the context of cybersecurity of government IT, or any IT infrastructure.

This is a unique kind of project that will be conceptualized, researched, and then brought to production by an academic institution enabled by technology transfer and incubation of company. The government agencies interested in leveraging the product will also be provided solution engineering by the incubated company.

Even though Block Chain technology is known in popular parlance in the context of Bitcoin, the technology can be used in several different avenues. Block Chain technology provides a tamper-proof recording mechanism for events, transactions, and data which cannot be tampered with even by users with administrative privileges. Further, it is resistant to tampering even in the presence of strong malicious adversaries, and it can provide users with a mechanism to record events with time stamps, so that data provenance, data integrity, and ordering of creation of data can be recorded permanently in a tamper-resistant manner.

Further, anyone can check the data for integrity, and ordering of recording – providing transparency, essential in government functioning. As a result, for transparent E-governance applications, Block Chain is a great enabler. Many governments, starting from Estonian government, UK, UAE governments have been leveraging this technology to elicit trust of the citizenry on government functioning.

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