Ranjit Singh Rozi Shiksha Kendra

Dr. Ranjit Singh (BT/MME/1965), has pledged an amount of 1.9 Million Dollars (Rs. 13.8 Crores) to set up Ranjit Singh RoziSiksha Kendra and Ranjit Singh Chair towards providing

a)    Technology interventions for enabling education at college and/or vocational training centers.

b)    Technology interventions for enabling job guarantees for the unemployed.

This would be in line with IIT Kanpur’s Centre for Technology for Sustainable Development and would strive towards enabling Equitable Prosperity for all.

Dr. Ranjit Singh hails from a village near IIT Kanpur and has come from an underprivileged background. His life’s mission has been to act as a catalyst for the socio-economic transformation process in providing equal opportunity in education using technology.

He believes that technology intervention will rapidly transform and impact the lives of less privileged people at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Now at age 75, he is entrusting this task of enabling Equitable Prosperity to his alma mater to take his life mission forward and realize his vision.

IIT Kanpur thanks him for his generosity and benevolence and pledges to fulfill this mission of his to the benefit of all.

About Dr. Ranjit Singh

Dr. Ranjit Singh obtained his B.Tech. in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1965. He later completed his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. For a brief period, he worked in the Silicon Valley in the semi-conductor industry and later for Allied Chemicals. In 1978, he founded Singh Industries which was later changed to Ranjit Corporation under the trademark of ‘Diamond Essence’, headquartered in Randolph, New Jersey, and established himself as a pioneer manufacturer of cubic zirconia. By 1980s, the company emerged as a world leader in the simulated diamonds. He semi-retired after selling Diamond Essence about 10 years ago and currently focuses his energies on major philanthropic activities.

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